Elsie would often add (only to herself of course) that it was necessary to gratify her partner in unexpected ways.


Elsie and Mason enjoyed a close loving relationship.  They had their ups and downs as was reasonable to expect considering their 50 years spent together, but their love for each other stood the test of time.  Those that knew them intimately looked on with delight and prayed they’d have just such a marriage.   

When asked, Elsie would say their relationship was based on trust, consideration, mutual respect along with their fair share of heartache which they’d weathered together.  If asked if there were anything about their relationship she’d have changed over the years, she’d smile secretively and say, “No, not really,” but you felt she was holding something back.

I once asked if she considered marriage “work” and she’d replied, “Absolutely not!” and when pressed for an explanation she’d replied, “based on your acceptance of each other’s ‘faults’ you know the stuff that people do that irritates another if you practice the big 3 (Trust Consideration Mutual respect) in every encounter, it becomes a way of life and therefore, there really is no work involved.

Elsie would often add (only to herself of course) that it was necessary to gratify her partner in unexpected ways.  For no reason at all, she’d do something special that pleased Mason, satisfy a whim he’d harboured, usually at a moment he’d least expect it. 

Although they lived on a lake, they didn’t have a large boat, Mason would put around in their fourteen-foot runabout and seemed pleased, at least he never complained about it, but when a larger boat drifted on by, she sensed an unexpressed yearning. 

Elsie made friends easily and one day met Oscar in town at the local grocery store and upon chatting learned he had the lovely big boat she’d seen on the lake from time to time.  He and his wife Shirley also lived on the lake about a mile away.  One day she’d asked if Oscar would casually drift by and take her husband for an outing and he’d agreed.  The resultant friendship had lasted over twenty years until Oscar and his wife moved close to their kids.     

Elsie never let on that she’d instigated the entire idea.  It was the kind of behind the scenes extra something she did for her husband.  Little did she know that Mason was well aware but hadn’t said a word since he knew it pleased her so much. 

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