Mimi’s task was to write an article for the Daily News highlighting all that is “garish”.


An oversized hat by Stephen Jones from the Barbican's The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined exhbition
oversized headgear by milliner Stephen Jones. Photograph: Ronald Stoops
Dior couture from the Barbican's The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined exhbition
couture from the late 1990s by John Galliano at Dior. Photograph: Guy
An 18th-century mantua from the Barbican's The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined exhbition
an 18th-century mantua. Photograph: Peter J Stone ARPS
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Mimi’s task was to write an article for the Daily News highlighting all that is “garish”.  Her desk, therefore, was covered in books, photos and articles highlighting the subject.  She had to smile at the thought because in her mind, one person’s “garish” was considered another’s “personal” style which depended on what kind of statement you wished to make regarding your life and how much attention you required.

It wasn’t as if “garishness” was a recent innovation for as far back as the 18th century, there were fashionistas that wished to make a name for themselves as outstanding and had devised the most outlandish ridiculous, and needless to say, most uncomfortable garb you could possibly imagine.  Others considered any style, garish or not, a personal statement under the guise of artistic freedom and individuality. 

Mimi was fashionable to a point, but personally drew a line in the sand regarding comfort and chose to wear what suited her best, not a fad. But as she perused pictures and documentation, it was definitely a theme that had gone on forever. It obviously wasn’t a problem of finding enough material, but when to cut it back and whether to narrow the subject down and whether to limit that selection to recent years or follow that trend back in time.

With today’s ridiculous “politically correct” b.s. it was difficult to call anything ridiculous or “garish” for fear of “offending” someone! Therefore, she’d decided she’d use pictures to highlight the subject and let everyone else draw their own conclusions. That should satisfy the editor’s publishers and readers, at least that’s what she hoped! There was always backlash over an article, it was inevitable and she sighed. Mimi ended the article with a question, “What do you think? Please reach out and let me know your thoughts.”

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