Les wondered at the quirk of fate responsible for bringing him to this place and time.


Les wondered at the quirk of fate responsible for bringing him to this place and time.  This woman, this delightful creature he’d come to know was his.  They’d wed earlier in the year and he’d been over the moon.  Not given to heady emotions, it had taken him by surprise, caught him off guard, this delight in another.

Sarah was a woman of passionate beliefs and ideals well beyond her years and society.  In a time when a woman had little or no voice other than the doting husbands who allowed them latitude, she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind in any gathering with anyone.

Her place in society, as his wife, the 5th Earl of Bedford was secure but even he must be cautious regarding deportment lest he ruffle too many feathers.  However, in that regard, he cared very little.  His station, although welcome and benefited him greatly, was at this point in his life, secondary to that of making his beautiful wife happy.

Her depth of conviction and generosity to all was touching on a level he couldn’t explain.  He’d witnessed her firsthand, race down to the stables to assist with the difficult birth of a foal and afterward, covered in muck, look up at him with glowing eyes.

She was in her element no matter where she was, whether entertaining his fellow gents or cooking in the kitchen with the staff.  No one was left out of her delightful amusing anecdotes and nothing was beneath her ability or ruffled her dignity.

Indeed, he thanked his lucky stars at the wonderful quirk of fate that had literally thrown her into his path.

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“Officer Merryman, in your mind, did the evidence corroborate the defendant’s statement?”

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