“Officer Merryman, in your mind, did the evidence corroborate the defendant’s statement?”


“Officer Merryman, in your mind, did the evidence corroborate the defendant’s statement?”

“No, sir it did not.”

“Please explain to the jury, your thoughts as to what actually happened.”

“The defendant said he came upon the body of Mr. Dyson while on a hiking trip through a wooded area five miles from the victim’s last known location.  He did not mention that he had an ongoing feud with the victim, nor that their last argument ensued only a couple of hours prior to Mr. Dyson’s disappearance.”

“He couldn’t explain why his DNA was found on Mr. Dyson’s shirt which was covered with a sweater and a visy-vest typically worn by Mr. Dyson when he ventured into the woods particularly during deer hunting season, a standing precaution by Mr. Dyson.”

“His fingerprints were found inside Mr. Dyson’s car (on the steering wheel and gearshift) located in Mr. Dyson’s driveway with the keys in the ignition.  Since the defendant is five inches taller than the victim, and the seat was pushed to a position in which Mr. Dyson couldn’t have reached reach the pedals, it is obvious someone else drove the vehicle.”

“To your knowledge did Mr. Dyson have any other ongoing arguments with any other individuals?”

“We investigated extensively into Mr. Dyson’s associates, affiliations, family and friends and could not find any other individuals with an ongoing argument with the victim.”

“Was Mr. Dyson an argumentative type?”

“According to the evidence we found, he got on well with everyone.”

“So, in your opinion, Detective, is Mr. Franks the likely murderer of Mr. Dyson?’

“In my opinion, yes.  He had a motive, his DNA was found on the victim and in his vehicle, they’d argued vehemently prior to the victim’s death, and we couldn’t find anyone else with a likely motive.”

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