Reg was amused. He couldn’t help it. Maria, usually cool calm and collected, rarely showed a change in temperament.

Reg was amused.  He couldn’t help it.  Maria, usually cool calm and collected, rarely showed a change in temperament.  He knew she could be feisty; he’d witnessed that on occasion with delight. 

Today, however, she was on a roll.   After watching the latest news reports pertaining to her home (originally Australia) she paced, fumed, even roared at the broadcast.  He couldn’t blame her. Although it wasn’t his home he was horrified and felt as helpless as she did.

“Why can’t they catch these drongos? ” Now the Australian slang and curses were showing up, he knew she was really miffed and more would follow. 

Standing to wrap his arms around her he said, “I’m sure they’ll get it under control, Maria.”

Pulling away she opened her arms wide as if encompassing the whole of Australia, “When!?!”

“Sooner than later,” Reg responded.

She grabbed her phone and rang her parents, “Mum, what’s going on, how bad is it?  Are the fires closing in on your area?  What about everyone else?  What about the farm?”

“Take a breath, Maria,” her mother advised.  “So far, so good.  Although if the wind changes direction, it could get dicey.”

“We’ve plenty of water and we’re hosing everything down.  Can’t help thinkin’ it was a good idea your dad had, adding that water contraption.”

“Promise me, mum, you and dad will get the hell out of there right?!  You won’t try to stay put and save what can’t be saved, right?!”

“Promise love, now I gotta go.  Your dad’s eager to get going.  Chat soon!” and with a quick goodbye, she was gone.

Staring straight into her eyes Reg said, “Your parents have their head on straight, Maria, they’ll get out of there, after all, they want to see their grandbaby’s right?”

Maria melted into his arms, “I sure as hell hope so, Reg.”

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    1. We had a fire behind our apartment in Hardy, it was large and I didn’t understand until then the damage of smoke inhalation. I left a window open a half inch and in the morning, found out the wind direction had changed and when I awoke, my throat was on fire and my eyes burned. I can’t imagine how horrific the kind of billowing smoke that is accompanying these fires is affecting people and wildlife. That alone is horrific let alone the fires!

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