Mimi realized how vital her first impression be a positive one.


Mimi realized how vital her first impression be a positive one.  After all, how many first impressions do you have an opportunity to make on the world-renowned harpist, not only for one but ten years?  

She’d listened raptly to Senora Dimitri’s collection of music with rapture and awe for hours and understood why she was world renown, her playing was exquisite and dispatched a message that was truly uplifting and light-hearted or conversely deeply moving, conveying pain sorrow loss and tragedy that could move you to tears. In a word, her playing was eloquent.

Therefore, her song selection must be perfect.  She was torn; Despacio, or perhaps something “Medieval or Baroque” in nature, maybe something Celtic or perhaps Bach, but then what of the modern sound?  There was much to be said for modern music that moved the soul and could lead a younger generation into an art form that had lost ground over the years. 

The more she thought about choices, the more confused she became.  For this was the opportunity of a lifetime and she didn’t want to blow it! After spending hours searching online, she’d found nothing to indicate whether Senora Dimitri had a specific type of music she liked personally outside that which was played for an audience’s delight.

When the final day arrived and she was to meet with her idol, she was composed, and if not relaxed, then confident in her ability.  She hoped it would be enough.

Entering the room moments before Senora Dimitri, she made sure everything was in order and awaited her arrival.  When she arrived, punctually, Mimi was surprised at her attire.  She wasn’t sure what she’d pictured, but the modern torn jeans look with relaxed off the shoulder sweater and oversized dangly earrings around a delightfully dishevelled hairstyle weren’t what she’d pictured.

Rising, she moved to greet her.  “Senora Dimitri, it’s such a pleasure and honour to meet you.”

“That’s most kind, Miss Franklin, but please, no need to stand on formality.  I detest it unless it’s expected in a public venue.  Call me Francesca, please.”

“Now, tell me, what have you prepared?”

Mimi’s laughter tinkled through the air, “Well, I’ve spent hours going over a variety of music,” and she named several, “and…”

“Why not play something modern, something that moves you?”

“I can do that,” Mimi responded, settling before the harp.  She began playing and was instantly lost in the music and before long had completely forgotten she had an audience, wrapped up entirely in the music as her harp became the instrument of her emotions and sang with such beauty that the room nearly wept with intensity.  When she finished the last note, she sat, eyes closed, lost in the music as it gently faded into oblivion.

Suddenly aware of her surrounding, she jumped to her feet, “I apologize, “

“No need, Mimi, that was incredible, moving and beyond exquisite. You played with love passion and a complete understanding of the music and conveyed with humility and longing.”

Rising she asked, “So, Mimi, what are you doing for the next year years of your life?”

Mimi was uncertain what she meant, and then dawning realization set in.  “You mean you enjoyed it?”

“Undoubtedly.  You are exactly the person I’m looking for and I want to invite you to join me for this upcoming year’s tour.  It will be gruelling, I warn you.  The travel is exhausting, the hours long and sometimes arduous, but the payoff is witnessing the faces of the patrons who enjoy fine music.  Are you game?”

Mimi dove at her and wrapped her arms around the woman, who laughed delightedly.  “I take it that’s a yes?”

“It’s a yes!”

Returning the hug Francesca said, “Then begin packing, Mimi, for we begin our tour in five days and we travel throughout Europe first.”

“Francesca, “ she ventured quietly, “I’m honoured and I can’t thank you enough.”

“You may not thank me when you get into it, Mimi, but your welcome.  I am looking forward to this venture with great pleasure.”

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