“I only wished I could have been there to witness the event,” I remarked when Jeff explained the incident.


“I only wished I could have been there to witness the event,” I remarked when Jeff explained the incident.

“Larger than life, fuming (you could almost see smoke puffing from his nostrils, his face was red, his eyes bulging) I tell you, Markus, I couldn’t do the scene justice no matter how hard I tried.”

“Sid Mangan didn’t waltz, he tromped through the newsroom with a rolled-up newspaper in hand brandishing it as though it were a weapon to use to club someone on the head and we all know who that would be!”

Jeff went on to add, “I was surprised security wasn’t called this time.  I mean everyone knows about his temper, how angry he gets and about his tirades, but I must say this is the maddest I’ve ever seen him. He was more vitriolic than ever before, and I found myself slinking down in my desk as though he were coming for me!”

“What did you hear, what did he say?” Markus asked.

“As he approached Bennett’s office he was yelling, ’Did you approve this drivel?  To which Bennett calmly responded, “I’ve no idea what your reading so I couldn’t say.” 

Throwing the paper down on Bennet’s desk so the headline bold and condemning could easily be read he yelled, “Mangan the dragon is at it again!”

“Ok, perhaps you could paraphrase for me, I’m on my lunch hour and I don’t have much time.”

“Basically, he resented being called ‘a lightweight no-name idiot who couldn’t read between the lines if he tried!’ is what he said.”

“Ok, what was the topic they disagreed on?”

“The topic wasn’t at issue, it was the offensive term “idiot” I believe because he then yelled, “I may not have the high-class education you have,” and he walked up to Bennett and poked him in the chest twice, “but I am well versed, and I delve into every subject on both sides of the issue before stating my opinion and it’s always a well-informed opinion, I’ll have you know!”

“I wonder what’s really going on!  Bennett’s always taking pot-shots at him, often more brutal than on this occasion and he’s never come raging into the office for a face to face brawl, at least not like this, he was incensed.  Even talked about suing him and the paper because (as he turned to leave Bennett’s office he said) or I’ll punch you right in the nose!” then “You know better!”

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