With sudden and unexpected caprice, Darren invited his pals to the lake for the long weekend.


With sudden and unexpected caprice, Darren invited his pals to the lake for the long weekend.  Since he was methodical in nature, making plans ahead of time, usually well prepared, it came as a bit of a surprise.    

His friends agreed and they all met up at the cabin that his family had owned for years.  When they arrived, to the impromptu get together however, they found a cabin well stocked with food supplies and plenty of wood along with a beautifully warm room and glowing fire.

It was late summer and the sun’s heat was fading with late evening usually accompanied by a crispness in the air that belief the term “summer”.   

They settled in amid an atmosphere of relaxation, joking, teasing eating and drinking.  They knew better than to get carried away, Darren wasn’t given to drinking much, so t was a great surprise when he partook of large quantities of rum which was (when he chose to drink) his drink of choice.  They shared questioning glances amongst themselves awaiting some sort of explanation.

Two days passed with Darren in a somewhat alcoholic haze as he wasn’t given to drinking much and although he wasn’t drunk, he was pleasantly buzzed.  Finally, Tom took him aside and posed the question they were all pondering, “What’s going on, Darren?”

“Thought we’d celebrate.”

“Celebrate what?”

“The end of an era.”

“That’s rather cryptic, isn’t it?”

“Not really.”

“I’d say it is, coming from you,” Tom said.

“My wife left me.”

“What?  When?  Why?”  and after a pause said, “You seemed the perfect couple.  You got on well together, enjoyed the same tastes in about everything, what happened?”

“She said she wanted to find herself, yes that’s what she said, “find herself” as though she were lost.”

“Did she say what in particular she was looking for?”

“Yes, apparently, she wanted a sexier lifestyle, said ours had become staid and she was no longer interested nor trying for that matter.  Said I’d never change and therefore she was moving on to greener pastures.”

“I take it this came out of the blue.”


“Well. I’ll be damned!”

“It’s all a lie, really.”

Tom’s expression held shock, “What?”

“She’s been seeing some bloke from Fresno who showed up at her office a few months ago.  Although she’d mentioned him in passing, I never once suspected there might be a liaison going on.”

“How did you find out?”

“When Maria came to help her collect up some items, she let it slip and said she was sorry because she liked me and thought we were a great couple.”

“You could knock me over with a feather!”

“You’re not the only one.”

“If she’d said anything, anything at all, I’d have tried to change whatever needed changing.  I love her, Tom.  I’ve loved her since I first laid eyes on her.”

“I know, you were bowled right over.”  Tom shook his head.

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