Harrison had gathered his team together ready to tackle the vast cavernous area comprised of hills, valleys, dense forest, cliffs and waterfalls in search of the missing men.


Harrison had gathered his team together ready to tackle the vast cavernous area comprised of hills, valleys, dense forest, cliffs and waterfalls in search of the missing men.  An exquisite area with acres of pristine beauty that defied description but an area you were ill-advised to traverse without skilled guides for it was also treacherous. 

Although some might consider it a logistical nightmare, it wasn’t an insurmountable problem for him and his men. They’d worked together for eight years as a private search and rescue team and their wins were far greater than their losses.  He was known for his bull doggedness, the fact he rarely gave up and often started where others left off. 

He knew first-hand the horror of losing a family member, the ache of not knowing what had happened or where they were, tortured at the thought they’d suffered until taking their final breath, knowing in their heart that no one was going to find them in time. Even learning about the death of his sister, although exceedingly painful, was better than the endlessness of not knowing that had eaten at him. He knew from experience, it ate at you, and if you weren’t careful could consume you.  He also knew that all too often, families fell apart eaten by guilt sorrow and blame. 

His sister’s disappearance was the driving force in his becoming a qualified member of a well-known search and rescue operation, working alongside some of the best in the business.  One day, he gathered a group of men he knew were equally skilled and asked if they’d be interested in branching out.  Luckily, they had agreed to join him in his venture and their team was cohesive, tight, strong, determined and nearly as dogged as he, although there were times they shook their head at his obstinacy only to slap him on the back when they found the lost.

Today, in some ways was no different than any other.  They met, went over the circumstances, received all the information at hand regarding the lost men and formulated a plan.  It was at this point that they had to refine their mind-set.  Forget all that had gone before, start fresh with eyes clear and focused on the current search, not any others before it.  Each search was unlike any other because the individuals involved were unlike any others. 

Their capabilities, their knowledge, their reasons for hiking, how many were involved, the weather conditions at the time, their preparedness or lack thereof, all played a huge part in their responses.  Were they the panicky sort, would they run from a problem or face it head-on?  How would they respond to an injured party(s), did they have enough experience to handle the situation properly leaving enough food water protective gear and blankets behind for a fallen friend and head out in search for help. The scenarios were as diversified as your imagination and equally as hazardous. 

He checked his gear, stood perfectly still relaxing his body and clearing his mind, breathing in his surroundings as though they spoke to him and only then did he signal to his men that they were ready.

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