He had some nerve! Damn it, what the hell was going on?


He had some nerve! Damn it, what the hell was going on?  Why had he waltzed in and tried to take over the investigation after requesting he be assigned the case?  He wasn’t lead detective, she was. Ok, he had hutzpah too which was rather exciting, but!  Getting back to the problem at hand, she cleared her throat.  She needed to tackle this head-on!  No distractions!

As she approached Donovan Mansfield she noted a tension in his stance, the way he held his shoulders, along with stiffness in his neck.  Even his legs were locked in a no-nonsense stance.  Odd!  Very unlike Donovan.  He was usually relaxed and his demeanour nonchalant. 

Two coffee cups in hand she quietly approached and stood beside him.  “Coffee!”  she stated without preamble.  She knew he preferred a double-double and she’d taken the time to stop by the coffee outlet and grab a couple.  One because she knew it was going to be a long day, and two, because she figured they both needed it.


He replied, “So!”

Pausing a moment Deanna asked, “What’s up?”

Donovan hesitated momentarily, Deanna was no slouch and she’d realize something was up so he would have to explain.  “Not your ordinary case.”

“I never suspect any case is ordinary, Donovan.  They all have a uniqueness, a tell if you can find it that cracks it wide open.”

“This one was my brother’s friend,” he admitted.  “I have to see it through.  My brother is devastated.”

“Ok.”  She paused realizing the ramifications involved…would he be objective or would it hit too close to home?  How well did he know the victim?  How did their lives intertwine?

“You close with the vic?”

“Yes and no.  We hung out from time to time when my brother was in town, shared a few laughs a game of poker or hit the bar together.  I didn’t know him well, but I knew him.  Is that going to be a problem for you?”

“Depends on whether it becomes a problem for you.  I’ll call you on it, Donovan.  If your objectivity is affected, if I think you’re zeroing in on something needlessly, I’ll call you on it.  If you give me any flack, I’ll have you tossed off the case.  Fair?”


He’d promise the moon to stay on this case. Chester had no family, Josh was his family and his best friend and he was Josh’s contact. Sometime around daybreak, he’d received that life-altering phone call. Although he was beside himself and wanted to fly in immediately, he couldn’t so he’d enlisted the assistance of his big brother calling him immediately asking him to stand in for him and find out who did this!

Donovan reflected on their relationship. Josh and Chester had been close, the best of friends since childhood and he’d promised him he’d find out what happened and they’d get the perp. It was a stupid promise to make, and he knew it. Some cases dragged on for years, and some cases were never solved.

This was murder straight up. Chester had been attacked at the front door, arms full of groceries, the door key still in his hand. He hadn’t seen it coming. Damn right it was personal, real personal!

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