Thought I’d share with you, where I went and the changes in a previously shared story. As you may be aware, most of my original thoughts start here. Please enjoy the updated version now called, “The Search”.

I picture June looking much like this lovely young woman, (as seen on Pixabay) but a few years older (25)

Chapter One -The Meet

June contemplated their current situation with puzzlement. The house was divided with everyone seeking refuge in their own thoughts without acknowledging the reality of the current situation. Although concern was written on every face, they weren’t speaking about the worrying circumstance in which they found themselves which was not how her family normally reacted.   The family had immediately gathered at the cabin the men had rented, so they could be close at hand should the men return, and so they were close to the search party.

A loved one had simply vanished, information was sketchy at best, and the authorities were no clearer about what happened than they were. Roland had gone hiking with his best friend Ian (Jackson to his friends), both exceptional hikers, seasoned climbers, and as always, well prepared. They’d faced obstacles such as inclement weather and injuries to team members before and were equipped to deal with pretty much any situation that could arise.

Hours turned into days and now weeks while the Emerson family collectively held their bated breath, awaiting news, something, anything to indicate what might have happened to Roland and Jackson.

From the moment June introduced herself upon the arrival of “On The Scene”, the search and rescue team her family had hired, she’d made a point of ensuring they understood what they were dealing with. These were capable men who had trekked under every circumstance imaginable. She further assured the rescue team that neither would behave recklessly, wander off or take needless chances underscoring the urgency of their disappearance.

That Nigel Forsythe (team leader) listened intently to her explanations and descriptions bolstered her confidence in his and the team’s abilities. They knew the score, understood the gravity of the family’s concern and why, but she needed to do more, it was time for action. Grabbing her previously prepared gear, June made good her escape and headed out on her own.

With determination in every step, she marched onward mindfully searching for clues, unswerving in her goal – finding Roland and Jackson. If asked, June would have immediately suggested participating in the search for the missing men because she knew them well; their habits, their capabilities, their mindset. While it was possible Forsythe might have welcomed her and agreed, it was doubtful; therefore, she’d chosen to circumvent the team leader completely.

After many hours and countless miles, it was a fortunate fluke she’d stopped for a breather when she did, had bent down to adjust the laces on her boots and thereby spotted a notebook tucked safely in a hole at the bottom of a tree; not just any notebook, Roland’s notebook. She picked it up, dusted it off and pulled it to her chest, “Oh my god!” she said breathlessly. Hoping it held some hints or clues about what had happened, she was eager to peruse its contents, but it was getting late and therefore dark, too dark to continue so she tucked the book into an inner pocket and set up camp for the night.

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