It wasn’t a chip on Blair’s shoulder, it was a boulder! He viewed his life as one of inequality.  He’d been treated unfairly at every turn.  His family didn’t understand him, thought him weird and said so often.  At work, he was but a cog in a wheel, given the most menial of tasks, the ones the others didn’t want to do and as low man on the totem, he wasn’t allowed the opportunity of saying no.  At the corner store, he was often overlooked, and others treated preferentially and often he was the last man standing and even then, the clerk didn’t want to deal with him.  The list went on and on.  A black cloud surrounded Blair that others saw but he couldn’t.

He stared in the mirror at the handsome young man.  The face looking back at him wasn’t handsome or so he’d decided.  One eye was off-kilter, his mouth too narrow, his jawline too strong, his ears too big.  He was super critical of his appearance feeling he didn’t measure up.

Girls would date him for a few weeks then drop him with some made up excuses he couldn’t fathom.  He was needy, clingy, tried too hard, faked his affection.  What the hell did they know?  They knew nothing of his inner turmoil, his struggle, his depth of emotion. That he had much to give and would when the right person came along.

And then she had!  Deedee.  She always had a ready smile and a kind word.  He began looking for her every day, hoping he’d see her, have an opportunity to chat with her, perhaps date her one day.  If only she wasn’t with that ignorant fool she called a boyfriend.  For some reason, she was blind to the reality of how he treated her.  He spoke unkindly, cruelly on occasion, and he’d even witnessed him push her.  That’s when he’d seen red for the first time, a wall of pure red floated down across his vision.  That was when he decided he must do something to save her from herself, from the maniac taking advantage of her.

He needed a plan.  He’d have to learn more about the creep, where he lived, what he did, so he’d taken a day here and there and followed him.  Facebook had been very helpful.  He’d posted his activities online and Blair had learned quickly what his regular schedule was.

His trunk was full of gadgets he could use as befitted teaching him a lesson, a lesson about how to treat others, a lesson in what not to do!  He himself had been the poster boy of being treated poorly, he had a plan of action and he would implement it the following week.

Deedee’s boyfriend, James Warren, thought it strange he should suddenly receive unsolicited and unwarranted attacks by an unknown person on social media.  Then came the seriously creepy photos…of him either being attacked or injured in various ways.  He’d thought it was a prank at first, but upon questioning his friends, he had learned they weren’t responsible and were as creeped out as he was. 

He’d finally decided to go to the police and show them what was going on.  When they’d asked who he thought it might be, he explained he had no idea.  They’d started abruptly and continued until the final one, the scariest of them all, indicating he would die and soon.

The police were concerned.  Detective Johnson wasn’t taking it lightly.  Some deranged character with some serious problems was indeed targeting this young man, and from the look of things, it was unprovoked.

Johnson checked into his friends, his activities, his girlfriend, and found a young man with his whole life ahead of him, that fully intended becoming involved in forensics.  He was intelligent, with a planned future and his whole life ahead of him.  It was an unwarranted attack that had obviously left him shaken and rightly so.  He had to stop it before the imagined became the reality.

It was deeply concerning because the escalation of events was real and determined and he had no place to start looking. Johnson decided to run it passed a friend in the psychology department, get her take on the situation. When he was finished talking with her, he was even more concerned. He’d been right. Whoever the perp was, they’d act on their fantasy and soon.

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    1. I’m working on knowing if I’m on the right track and I’ve engaged the reader. Hopefully I’ve perfected that. Now I can go back and try to finish some of these, what I’ve tried to do with the search.

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