Mirth tickled the corners of her mouth.


Mirth tickled the corners of her mouth.  Amy didn’t want to laugh but she couldn’t resist and a long hearty laugh burst forth as her eyes, twin orbs of delight watched his antics. 

Jason’s infectious laughter and delightful sense of humour had you grinning the moment he stepped into the room.  He had this way about him, it was an innate inborn thing, had to be, because even when he wasn’t trying, he was funny.

Sometimes it was dark humour (admittedly very dark) that wasn’t cruel, but it was fitting.  He had followers all over the internet and social media respond because he could and did literally turn every meme, he saw into something funnier than the original. 

Although she loved his humour, his wit, his character, what she loved most she decided, eyes tracking his movements across the beach as he rushed into the ocean waves, was his depth.  When he loved, it was without resignation, no holds barred; he wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed at any display of affection. It was always in the moment never pre-staged or set up and it came from the heart.

From little gestures like a caress on the cheek in passing to a surprise breakfast in bed any time of the day or night or those moments when he’d wrap his arms around her and pull her into a warm embrace and just hold her.  Without even looking her way, he’d unerringly find her hand and twine his fingers through hers as they walked along the beach.    

Those thoughtful moments when he’d drop a towel over her head, because it was funny but also because she’d forgotten it in her haste, and he’d noticed.  He was attentive and aware.

Although she wasn’t sure what she’d done to deserve such a beautiful loving man, she was keeping him, now and forever.  Looking at the lovely engagement wedding ring set they’d picked out only two days earlier that now graced her finger, she felt awed.  It wasn’t a dream, but if it was, she never wanted to wake up because this was heaven on earth.

They’d chosen to honeymoon in Hawaii because neither had been there and wanted to experience something new together.  She wasn’t one to live life with her head in the clouds, but at this moment in the fabric of time, she wanted to.  Maybe it was capturing the moment, the love she witnessed every time she looked into his eyes, to the humour that played endlessly around his lips, she never wanted it to end. 

She often wished she were a poet or songwriter so she could write sonnets and lyrics about the numerous ways in which he delighted her and how much she loved him in return.

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