Jerry (short for Jerome) Wannamaker seemed a little blithe regarding his job.

Jerry (short for Jerome) Wannamaker seemed a little blithe regarding his job.  To the uneducated onlooker, it might seem he was disinterested or uncaring.  He was quite simply brilliant; he could do his job blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back.  It was second nature to him, like breathing. 

The truth was he cared very deeply and that care compassion and concern were hidden from the onlooker.  They weren’t privy to the ongoing emotional process that carried Jerry to reach further farther longer to the next level of understanding comprehension followed by the “do it” stage.

Few understood the drive behind Jerry’s quest to better his knowledge in forensics came from the death of his family when he was eight years old.  He’d survived because he’d been staying overnight at a friend’s house or he’d have perished along with his mother father and brother.

It had taken nose to the grindstone searching to figure out what had happened.  It was a well thought out plot based on revenge that destroyed his family.  To this day he thanked his lucky stars that forensics had solved the crime.  Hence his total involvement, his dedication to his job, finding the perp and seeing them incarcerated for their heinous crimes.

It was a long hard-fought battle of wits and ingenuity that won out in his family’s case and that was what Jerry brought to every case he took on.  Determination dedication not to mention outright intrigue that won him accolades.  He wouldn’t stop until every stone was unturned and he knew precisely what had happened when and why.  At the end of the day, he could hold his head up high, knowing without the shadow of a doubt he’d done everything he could to solve the case.

There were crafty vindictive cruel vicious people out there, motivated by greed, jealousy, revenge, stupidity and sometimes what they liked to call “a crime of passion” which in his books, didn’t equate with the aftermath to family friends and most importantly of all, the victim who lost their lives in but an instant.

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