The crux of the matter was there were two things outside of death and taxes that were a constant, a given.

The crux of the matter was there were two things outside of death and taxes that were a constant, a given.  One was “loss”, the other “change”.  Sometimes those two collided to create a cataclysm.

When you lose someone you love deeply, the cavern is massive – wide and deep -a black hole that can swallow you up if you let it.  She’d witnessed her Aunt Martha do just that when her husband of 65 years passed away. The loss was too great to circumvent and within a month, she’d passed away too. Their lives were so irrevocably entwined, had witnessed so much history together, enjoyed so much life as a couple, she simply couldn’t bear the loss.

As Leanne stood in front of the mirror with her elegant simplistic wedding gown draping her body, her hair wrapped in a lovely upswept do, she smiled. The opportunity for love had come her way once again and she’d grabbed hold of the reins with both hands, willing to try again.

Andy was a good and decent man and she was happier than she’d ever been knowing she’d wake every day beside this gorgeous man with his unique special funny honest sincerity but most of all because of his capacity to love which he showered upon her daily. 

They’d taken their time, mostly as a result of her inability to commit, the fear of losing someone she loved with her whole heart at the center of that hesitation.  He’d been patient with her, kind, caring, generous and yes, he’d pushed on occasion, which was understandable.  He’d told her he had to because she was worth the wait.

He’d shown his love for her in every way, every day, from the moment they’d accidentally collided in her favourite restaurant while leaving.  He’d grabbed hold of her to stop her from tipping over since the collision was fast and harsh.  She’d been grateful he had.  One look from his magic golden brown eyes along with the delightful devil-may-care look on his face, and a sexy cheekiness about him that constantly delighted her, she was hooked. 

Little by little as their relationship grew, she had slipped unknowingly from the fun and friendly stage zipped past the infatuations stage and fallen in love.  He could read her like a book and the instant he’d seen her fall over the edge, he’d immediately proposed. 

The date was set and as she stared out the window she sighed as contentment and peace, filled her soul.  She was happy, very happy, happier than she’d been in years she realized.  This was a good thing, and she was looking forward to spending the rest of her life with this witty delightful man.

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