Fiona was always straightforward no artifice.

Fiona was always straightforward no artifice.  Perhaps too truthful, too honest if there were such a thing, but you knew where you stood, what she’d accept, what was taboo and just plain wrong in her eyes.  That’s what made her such a great partner.  She kept everyone on track.

So, when she without hesitation marched straight into Alexander’s office, threw the manuscript on his desk and angrily inquired, “What the hell is this?” he wasn’t at all surprised.


“That does not constitute revisions.  You practically re-wrote the entire play.  It barely resembles the original which is why we bought it as I recall.  You,“ leaning across to stab his lapel with her finger she continued “you were most adamant about that.  Correct?”


“Then once again I ask, what the hell is this?  This travesty of what once was a brilliant play!” She waved her arms frantically.

“Sit before you blow a gasket, will you?”

“Don’t think that’s possible at the moment.”  She paced back and forth from one side of his office to the other and it was a large office sparsely decorated. A large desk and chair on one side with two chairs for guests made pacing both possible and enjoyable; there was little to interfere with the journey or momentum.

Alexander watched her wind down, the pacing gradually growing slower and had to cover his mouth with his hands so she wouldn’t notice the smirk that had become an ear to ear grin covering his face. 

When she turned and walked toward a chair, noting the twinkling eyes, her eyebrows raised,” You think this is…funny?”

“No my darling, but you are. I can almost time the moment you’ll race through that door ramrod straight, umbrage in every particle of your being.”

“You flatter yourself, Alexander.  I caught you completely off guard.”

“Ok, this time, I admit, I didn’t quite have you pegged.  There, satisfied?”

“Not entirely, no.”

“What then?”

“Are you serious about this..this…”

“No my darling, I am not.  I got carried away and thought I’d see if there were any other possibilities or directions we could take the play, but it didn’t work, did it?”

“It most certainly did not!”  She harrumphed.  “God, for a minute there, you’d taken me in, I was completely ready to fight you on this.”

“Yes, I could tell.”

“Was it a great performance then?”

“One of your best!”

“Good, glad to know I’m not slipping.”

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