McAllister woke in a sour mood. His day, his week, hell his whole month hadn’t gone well.

McAllister woke in a sour mood.  His day, his week, hell his whole month hadn’t gone well.  This was annoying and decidedly unsatisfying.  He wasn’t used to things going wrong going badly or going awry.  It was beyond frustrating.

He was used to making “it” happen, whatever it was a merger or an acquisition, he would immediately get on top of the situation and the deal was finished by noon.  This time, however, he’d met with severe opposition from an unknown source which had caught him off guard since he hadn’t seen it coming and it slapped him up the side of the head.  It was unfathomable that he’d dropped the ball on this one.

That had driven him into looking closely at what had happened.  A woman by the name of Andrea Denver had met with the staff of the old mill and after rallying them together had managed to gain enough interest and capital to save the mill by pouring their savings and pension funds back into the company to keep it afloat.  While it was an inspired idea, he knew it was only a stop-gap at best; they were leaking capital and they needed to change the way they ran the business or modify in order to save it. 

He’d delved into what he could find about Andrea Denver and from the little information he’d obtained (which was precious little) he got the picture she was devoted and once she dug in her heels, she would undoubtedly stay the course. 

On one hand, he was intrigued at having met someone he could match wits with, someone as determined as he from the looks of things, and on the other, he was annoyed at having to do so much extra work.

Alright, a plan of action was called for.  Where to start!  He decided his best course of action was going to the little town of Outback and if not blending in, then see first hand who and what he was up against.

What he’d found surprised him.  It was quaint but modern with all the amenities of any other larger town.  He wasn’t sure what he’d pictured in his mind, but it definitely wasn’t this!  His second surprise was seeing Andrea Denver in the flesh.  She was a striking beauty who coulld easily have graced the cover of any magazine.  Her graceful movements belayed the strength of character and her ready smile knocked him on his ass.  

McAllister was divided on how to handle the situation.  She had no idea who he was, and he could play the cards as dealt, remain incognito and undercover, or he could be upfront and lay his cards on the table.  It all depended on how forgiving she was he decided.  And, how involved he wanted to get.

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