Valerie made a valiant effort at covering her smile.

Valerie made a valiant effort at covering her smile.  She would usually have been doubled over with laughter by now.  That she was able to contain her mirth was admirable indeed, or so she thought.  The scowl on Tom’s face said otherwise.

Lifting a lip in a silent snarl he said, “Thanks!”

“Your quite welcome.”  Valerie knew he was referring to her efforts at resisting a full-on roar, and her smirk grew into a grin.

“You are perverse, you know that?”

“How so?”

“If it had been you sprawled on the floor in an undignified heap, I’d have hurried to assist you, and not once would I have smirked.”

“It’s funny until someone gets hurt, then it’s hilarious.” 


“A saying I read once.  I can’t contain myself.  Perhaps it’s a concern for the other person’s welfare, I don’t’ know, but I end up laughing despite my best intentions.”

Dusting himself off he said, “You wait until next time, missy, you’ll see.”

Now she was in all out-laughter mode, “What do you mean?” she asked between giggles.

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