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“Possibly. How about you? Any significant other in your life?”

“Once, a long time ago. A lifetime ago. Like you, work has consumed me, rather I’ve allowed it to consume me.”

“Any reason in particular?” She wondered at the reason since he was intelligent, good looking and obviously had much to offer.

“I was in what I thought was a long-time relationship several years ago, when I was a younger cop but Danny couldn’t handle the pressure. Thought she could but then one day my buddy got shot, nothing major, but when she heard about it, she was panicked and realized one day it could be me, or I might not come home and she couldn’t handle the anxiety and wanted out.”

“Did she…”

“She married a cop. Go figure.”


“Not to change the subject, but my favourite comedic movies are Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The angst as to whether they’ll work it out was always right on. Enough to keep your interest, with enough story-line and humour to keep it light-hearted.” June wanted to let him off the hook gently by chiming in with more interests.

“Yeah, I have to agree on that one.”

“I figured you for crime dramas,” June smirked.

“Get enough of that on the job. Besides, I can punch holes in most of the storylines and I know the perp minutes after the intro.” June smiled he added, “Drives people crazy.”

“I imagine so. I’m with you. I usually have it figured out within the first fifteen minutes. I love beating everyone to the punchline, it’s fun,” she admitted with a broad grin.

“My kind of woman!” Nigel remarked.

June wasn’t sure how to take that.

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