There was ample opportunity for growth and to keep her business afloat. And yet, she worried.

Victoria Sampson stood in front of her store, a worried frown curving her forehead.  Ostensibly she was checking the latest display in the window hoping it looked as appealing in presentation as it had on the drawing board.

She’d chosen the perfect location with plenty of foot traffic, the main street out front, with parking available and what she’d hoped would become an assured clientele.  There were three banks kitty-corner to her shop, an insurance agency a half block away and a government office visible on the far side of the parking lot. 

There was ample opportunity for growth and to keep her business afloat.  And yet, she worried.  She’d known from the outset it would be several years before she was up and running without concern, that was a given, as she’d done her research and knew it took three to five years to become established. Acknowledging and accepting, however, were two different kettles of fish.

The town hadn’t had a florist shop in years and her research suggested they were eager to have one.  Her best friend, Angel had done a lot of the footwork in advance of Victoria’s making the leap and the locals seemed excited at the prospect. 

Victoria was an accomplished florist, knew the market well, and was very good at anticipating the path of upcoming trends and which would likely hit. With that in mind, she’d added a coffee bar so those racing to work could grab a cup of java and enjoy (some very fine exclusive blends) at a reasonable price or if desired, could sit on one of several bar stools amid a lush luxurious garden and relax. Some of the finest chocolates available were prewrapped and ready to gift or take to work for staff parties or special occasions.  They’d been an instant hit.

Her prices were reasonable (she couldn’t say competitive since there weren’t any other florist shops in the area) but her customers seemed pleased and often said they were surprised her prices weren’t higher.

She’d taken great care in decorating the shop with soothing colours that highlighted the local artwork hanging on available walls, and she’d brought in several antiques including a desk, sideboard and china cabinet, that she used to display the chocolates, the arrangement of the day, and special events or holiday ideas.

Perhaps she was overthinking the situation, she was prone to doing that.  Her eagerness to do well, to prove to herself that she was capable was probably the reason for her angst.  After all, she had money left over after paying the rent, the bills and the overhead and was drawing a  paycheque so she was doing quite well.

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