“You know that feeling you have when you get up but your brain decided to stay in bed a little longer?”

Natalie watched Ashley and smirked.  She knew the feeling although thankfully it didn’t happen often.  Ashley’s befuddled face was doubly amusing since it so rarely happened to her.

 “You know that feeling you have when you get up but your brain decided to stay in bed a little longer?”

“Yes,” Natalie remarked, her smirk growing larger still.

“I hate that feeling.  I hate foggy anytime! A mental haze is despicable.  I hate not being in charge and calling to mind what I want when I want.  I SO detest that!”

“I know, as do I and every other person in the world.”  Laughing, she patted Ashley’s shoulder and said, “It’ll pass, honestly!”

Although she rarely whined, it was evident in her voice as she asked, “Wheeeeen?”

“When it’s ready to I guess.”

“Look, I gotta go or I’ll be late.”

“Oh right, that appointment with Jeffrey Farnsworth.”  Lifting her head from crossed arms on the table she said, “What’s that about again?  I forget!”

“Deciding on the dance hall for the Valentines’ Day gala.”

“Oh, right!” Dragging herself to her feet she responded with, “See?  See?  Still too foggy to think.”

Smiling, Natalie waved across her shoulder, “You’ll do.  See you after work.”

“Yeah, I’ll be here, a puddle of foggy haziness settled in the middle of the floor.  You can’t miss me.”

Natalie laughed outright, “Bye!”

Later, when Ashley inadvertently bumped into the hunk outside her favourite coffee shop on the way to buy art supplies, the haze returned.  “Oh, so sorry, I didn’t spill any on you did I?”

“No, you missed by a country mile, darlin’.  Good try though.”

She stood awkwardly befuddled her mouth hanging open and couldn’t say a word.  “Cat got your tongue?”

“Oh, sorry.  Yeah, it’s been one of those days,” she admitted while dropping her head.

“I get those too.  Insufferable, aren’t they?”

“YES! It rarely happens but when it does, it drives me crazy!”

“Jerome Sutton,” he remarked while holding out a hand.

She stared down at it as though it were a foreign object.  Giving herself a shake she took it and said, “Ashley Marks.  Sorry, I don’t think the haze has lifted yet.”

“Tell you what, I’ll give you my business card, then you’ll remember who I am, and we can meet for coffee here, tomorrow, and begin again, what do you think?”

“I think I’d like that,” she smiled grasping the unique business card in her hand and staring at it for several seconds.  “I’ll be here.”

“Good.  I have to run, I have an appointment but I’ll see you here, tomorrow. Take care.” And with that, he was loping off in the opposite direction.

“Now that’s a hunk I can’t wait to meet again,” she whispered out loud.  Dropping her head to one side she added, “Did that really happen or am I dreaming?”  She pinched herself, “Ouch!  Idiot, you’re holding his business card, of course, it was real.” She stood staring at the business card expecting it to evaporate.  When it didn’t she smiled. “This is good!” and she walked into the art shop with a hop in her step. 

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