“Sometimes I can’t fathom your reasoning, but you always enjoy and you have fun.”

“Diana, your crazy!”  Denise said with a knowing smile.

“Come on over, the water’s warm and the fun’s just beginning.”

“Sometimes I can’t fathom your reasoning, but you always enjoy and you have fun.”

“Life’s too complicated and difficult without a little fun thrown in.  You have to live a little, Denise.  Relax and enjoy the ride.  Otherwise, what’s it about?”

Diana called, “Race ya!”  as she headed off toward the swimming pool at a breakneck speed and dove into the pristine water in a perfect arc.

Denise followed at a more sedate pace.  She loved Diana, she was such a free spirit and always ready for fun, but she had a good head on her shoulders too and she was great at her job.  She wasn’t flighty or crazy, well ok, a little crazy, but she really read every situation well, from the players to the game.  It’s what made her such an excellent scouting partner.

She found it more than a little interesting that although Diana flirted outrageously, enjoyed male companionship, she wasn’t interested in a long term relationship, not in the least.

Denise, on the other hand, had a steady boyfriend with potential.  Although they’d been seeing each other for six months, she was on the fence.  He was all she had ever wanted; frisky, smart, great sense of humour, rugged yet gentle.  Brent ticked all the boxes and yet…

Sitting by the pool, spreading suntan lotion all over, she watched Diana swim length of the pool until a handsome well0-built man accidentally? blocked her path.  Denise watched the resultant conversation more than a little surprised at Diana’s reaction.  Normally, she would have flirted outrageously and ended up with a drink in her hand poolside and enjoyed the rest of the day in the guys’ company.  This time, however, she seemed to desperately attempt to remove herself from his presence.  Sensing something was up, Diana called out, “Diana, we have time for a quick drink, then we have that appointment.”

Denise seemed relieved and responded, “Be right there.”  Denise continued watching as Diana said something and hurriedly swam to the edge of the pool, nearest her and climbed out.  “Thanks!”

“What’s up?”  Diana whispered under her breath to which Denise responded, “Later.”

They drank a smoothie together, dried off and headed to their room.

“What was that all about?”  Diane asked, curiosity abounding.

“Haven’t seen Damion in four maybe five years.”

“Ah, someone you know.”

“Yeah.”  She sighed and continued, “The first guy I was serious about, in fact, I fell hard, but he was a player and he wasn’t interested in any kind of serious relationship.”

“I see.  And?”

“He wants to get reacquainted as he put it.  I don’t think so.”

Over the next few days, Damion made his presence known and attempted to join their ranks but Denise was having nothing to do with it and she wasn’t playing hard to get, she was seriously not interested.

They were there to clinch the Martinez deal and it was going well.  They should have the contract signed the following day and would head home.

Together, they met with Martinez and both were surprised when Damion walked into the room.  “May I introduce Damion Walker, our go-to guy who will be handling the account.”

“We’ve met.”  The two women exchanged meaningful glances.

“Good, I’m sure you’ll get on famously.”  Mr. Marrick smiled and said, “I’m sure you will work together well.  Let me know if there’s anything you need, but I’m sure Mr. Walker, Damion, can handle our end well enough.”  Smiling he took his leave.


“So, this is what the last few days have been about?”

“No.  I really wanted to get reacquainted.  I’d rather talk to you privately, Diana.”

“No can do, Damion.  I never mix business with pleasure.  If you want to discuss our mutual client, so be it.” She turned and walked away leaving the other two watching her.

“You must have really annoyed her, Damion.”

“No, got under her skin, more like, scared her because I got too close.”

“You don’t say!”

“I do.”

“Well then, keep up the good work.”

Turning to smile at Denise he said, “I believe I will.”

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