If ever there were ever a man suited for the cover of GQ magazine, it was Vincent.  The camera was kind to him, and it needn’t be because he was just that handsome.  He had immaculate skin, rich thick black hair, dark brown eyes and a physique that suggested he worked out five days a week in the gym which he didn’t. 

What Sasha wanted to capture in Vincent’s photos were the inner qualities she knew existed.  He was adamant and determined, perverse on occasion, a real gentleman, the respect on his face when he looked at a woman would melt her knees whether young or old because his respect for all women was limitless.  He wouldn’t brook cruelty or deliberate meanness and he stood for the weak and elderly.  He hadn’t worked at cultivating those qualities, he was born that way, with that home-grown care and concern for people, especially his community that was tireless.

That’s why she’d asked if he’d consider posing for the cover of the fireman’s monthly, a magazine devoted to firemen and volunteers alike, who gave so much on behalf of their community; unsung heroes in her mind.  At first, he’d rejected the idea out of hand.  It wasn’t in him to seek acclaim for his looks or his work either as a firefighter or captain of the local fire hall.  He did his job wholeheartedly which made him the perfect candidate for the cover of the coveted magazine.

It had taken a lot of persuasion and her promise that she wouldn’t ask him to pose in his underwear or in any other pose he considered undignified.  The caveat was his word as ‘final’ say on which photos they used.  She’d agreed and had set about following him around taking candid photos of him while working and playing for over a week. 

She was in a quandary about which photo(s) to use since she’d captured literally 100’s of him and he looked spectacular in all of them.  She’d homed in on his expressions more than the physical aspects and from the beginning, those photos told an in-depth story that words could never convey.

The writing of the article was child’s play and the easy part.  Sasha was captivated and she knew the readers would be too.  It was more than selling magazines, this was about the qualities the depth the character within the firefighting community and it was a story well worth telling!

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