Marjory was looking forward to the trip to Seattle with excitement since she’d never been.  She’d googled events available for the duration of her trip and there was plenty to choose from, not to mention hiking trips, trails, great restaurants and more.

When her plane arrived and she disembarked, she was eager to begin the adventure.  For it was an adventure in her mind, visiting a location she’d never been before.  She could almost feel her paintbrushes jumping and hovering in her case and her easel was nearly romping with pleasure and intrigue. 

She’d been commissioned to paint the portrait of a little girl of a local celebrity and it was a gift from an adoring community for a man who’d given his all to save her life.  He’d gone above and beyond and the men and women in blue, as well as local firemen and the grateful parents, had banded together to have the portrait painted as a tribute to his dedication and integrity.  

There had been a cost to his heroic acts.  The story was the most touching memorable story anyone could imagine.  He’d fought off the abductor intent on kidnapping the child and as a result, had sustained a wound from a gun and although injured, had managed to grab the child, hoist her on his back and carry her to safety.

The little girl in question seemed almost unfazed by the incident and when Marjory was introduced to Sophie, she’d noticed an eager delight and delightful sparkle in her big blue eyes along with a ready smile upon her rosebud lips that lit up her face. 

When she’d finished the portrait, the few that had seen it were drawn to it and always stepped closer, revelling in the lovely animated child.  You wanted to know what was so exciting, so thrilling, so appealing, that everyone who saw the portrait instinctively followed her delightful gaze. 

Marjory decided to gift the portrait for after hearing the entire harrowing tale, she’d been overcome with emotion.  The man in question deserved this and more she thought.  The gratitude of everyone involved was a given. She was delighted to participate in the (what had started out as a quiet dinner) to an affair at a local hotel.

James Marks had been overcome with emotion that he industriously attempted to hide but failed and when the little girl in question walked up and unveiled the portrait, he’d kneeled down on his good knee and wrapped his arms around her and the look on his face spoke volumes.  His affection, care, love and delight were evident for all to see.  It turned into an occasion she and everyone involved would remember for a lifetime.

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