Constantly feeling victimized instead of taking the bull by the horns and making something of himself and his situation,

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If Nigel provided a distraction for even an instant his men could move in. Catching the miscreant off guard would obviously work more effectively. If disarming the perp became an unlikely scenario (he’d prefer incapacitating them) and push came to shove, he’d instructed his men to shoot them to save the hostages.

He signalled to John and the 2nd perp. He nodded at Nigel and instantly began inching in the perp’s direction. Nigel watched the intensity in John’s movements and knew he had him firmly in his sights. Nigel looked back for a quick instant to ensure Mark (in the rear) was protecting Roland and June. He turned his attention to Brad, making his way up the left wall while Justin crouched to Nigel’s right.

When Nigel was sure Jackson was out of harm’s way or no longer the center of the perp’s attention, he’d give the command and they’d all move in unison, each with a targetted sight.

Old but effective, Nigel picked up a large rock and whipped it across the cave to the far end where it landed with a resounding splash. Jackson barely moved, the 2nd perp looked scared turning from the leader to the sound he’d heard but he was backing toward Nigel while the leader moved four steps toward the sound, taking his eyes and attention off Jackson giving Nigel an instant window.

Simultaneously Nigel lunged at the perp, catching him with a mighty blow to his core and took him down; a short fight over the perp’s gun ensued, but Nigel landed several effective blows and the man lay prone and silent. His men moved in and grabbed Jackson and hauled him out of harm’s way while John kept his sights on the 2nd perp who held his hands in the air, his back against the cave wall, giving no resistance.

June was flummoxed. Darren Franks had been given the opportunity of a lifetime, to be with the best, learn from the best, walk shoulder to shoulder with the best! If he’d chosen to prove himself, he could have flown, soared, Jackson would have guaranteed it. Instead, he’d squandered a great opportunity, choosing to whine snivel pull the poor me card and what the world owed him, obviously Jackson in particular.

The world owed him nothing. The responsibility was on him, his choices, his dedication, his actions all of which would have shot him up the ladder of success if he’d only taken hold of any or all of the opportunities given him. He could have used them as stepping stones, instead of trying to find the short cut by using and abusing others to get where he wanted.

Nigel had seen it all, so this wasn’t a surprising situation for him. He’d witnessed worse and was thankful this situation turned out as well as it had and they’d arrived in time to save Jackson’s life. It was obvious this ass would have taken it to the next level, without a moment’s hesitation. He was a snake in the grass, sneaky, underhanded, slime.

Constantly feeling victimized instead of taking the bull by the horns and making something of himself and his situation, he expected to be handed what he wanted. The fact he’d taken others’ ideas and projects and used them was the first step down the wrong path. Perhaps he’d been on a destructive path for a while, but he’d proven himself now and he would pay for it. Perhaps jail time would straighten him out, perhaps not.

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