Maggy had returned home, her tail between her legs, not that anyone else knew that; it was her dark little secret.

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Maggy had returned home, her tail between her legs, not that anyone else knew that; it was her dark little secret.  As she stared at the chaos around her (what anyone else would call the hustle and bustle of life) she groaned.  Mundane! Unimportant! Superfluous!   BORING!!!!!!!!!!!  Which brought her right back to the reason she was here in the first place. 

Her writing had gone stale.  Her ideas were ‘boring’ and as uninteresting as the dregs left in a coffee cup, cold and uninviting.  Why???? she asked herself, Why???? She groaned the words inwardly.  What was wrong with her?  How could all those brilliant ideas have simply dried up, disappeared, dispersed into thin air?  Where had the magic gone?  That magic touch she was noted for?  Her eyes darted from place to place mimicking her jumbled thoughts as if answers could be found out there somewhere and she could snatch them from the air.

Her editor suggested she take a trip somewhere, anywhere get involved with people around her, said she’d cut herself off for far too long and she’d stopped living. 

Maggy sat with a steaming cup of coffee in hand on the veranda of her parents’ house staring out at the ocean beyond.  Claudia was wrong – right? she asked herself, quirking her head to the side.  She hadn’t become staid and dull, had she? After all she was only 30.  Plenty of time to…to do what? she asked herself.   She thought back to the days weeks months and yes even years that had passed and a shiver ran the length of her body so real she unconsciously set her coffee down and rubbed her arms and legs for warmth. 

Her father walked out the front door with a blanket in hand and gently wrapped it around her shoulders before sitting down beside her.  “Penny?”  he asked as he nudged her shoulder with his.

Maggy smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder, “Yeah, a penny wouldn’t cover it I’m afraid.”

“Can’t be that bad, kitten, nothing ever is…only seems like it until you get to the other side.”  He paused then asked, “Anything I can help with?”

“I wished you could, daddy.”

Dropping a kiss on top of her head he rose, “You know where I am if you need me, sugarplum.  Anytime!”

Maggy stared up lovingly into his gently weathered face and smiled, “I know, daddy.  I count on it.”  He patted her shoulder and retreated inside.

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