Alex loved the ocean. Every waking moment was spent on or around the water.

Alex loved the ocean. Every waking moment was spent on or around the water. The smell of the water’s aromatic freshness, it’s colour, its vastness combined to fill her with precious delight. There was rarely a dull moment on the water.

She had expanded her business and hired a local man she trusted to take tourists out on the other boat, the Anchor’s Ahoy while she piloted Anchor’s Away. Their three-hour tours guaranteed a sighting of Orca Whales and more.

They left the dock together and motored out across the secluded bay and calm waters toward the excitement beyond where they’d find all manner of sea life from Orca Whales to Sea Lions to schools of fish that had visitors manning their cameras and clicking in tandem.

Their pleasure, their delight, their enjoyment in the sea’s offerings was infectious as they jabbered together, pointed, extolled great delight at spotting sea creatures and the look on their faces, from expectancy to pleasure was a treasure in itself.

She knew the waters well, had navigated the coastline first as a child with her father and brother, then as an adult and now as a tour guide. She waved as Anchor’s Ahoy and it’s pilot, Gordon Mattheson disappeared around the far left side of the bay while she turned right.

Her deckhand wandered through the mixture of clients offering them something hot to drink as they motored toward their destination and the reason they’d signed on for the tour, their desire for close encounters with Orca and other sea life so they could witness first hand their massive beauty and playful antics.

She sailed onward to the site where they were assured to find Orcas cavorting about. Seriously, nothing could compare to watching a thirty-foot killer whale launch twenty thousand pounds into the air then slide gracefully back into the ocean’s depths with a slap of its tail.

It wasn’t just whales, there were fabulous Bald Eagles and a variety of other creatures to enjoy. And many assured her it was the experience of a lifetime that would stay with them forever and Alex found that fulfilling.

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