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Castlehaven By the Sea

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Which left Maggy to her brooding thoughts.  Damn but this was so ludicrous, so so so unlike her!  She only had to put a pen to paper and the thoughts flowed (so much so) she could barely keep up, scrambling to get every precious idea down to edit it later as ideas toppled over each other with precocious delight.  It meant hours of revamping placing every well thought out piece of the puzzle in place and she didn’t care because the result was pure gold.  Or it always had been!

Several weeks had passed while she’d sat in her apartment in New York in front of her computer, watching it blink awaiting a response that wouldn’t come.  Hours upon hours she’d sat at her desk or the table or her bed.  Nothing.  Nothing!  Her mind was completely blank!  More than that, was a persistent fear this nebulous state might never end, might continue forever and she’d never write anything valuable or meaningful again! Panic tore through her at the thought. 

She loved writing with a passion that could not be denied and the fact she was in a vortex of nothingness scared the ever-living crap out of her.  Terrified her beyond measure.  She lived to write!  It was almost synonymous with who she was!  Hence the trip back home.

Brooding wasn’t helping.  Leaving her coffee cup on the porch, wrapping the blanket tighter around her shoulders, she hopped down the front steps and across to the vastness of beachfront.  Which way, which way, left or right?  Oh, come on, she thought, what the hell, it wasn’t life or death, pick one!  Really!  Turning left she headed along the sandy beach staying clear of the water’s edge.  Although it was the middle of June, the water was still too cold to contemplate wandering. She sighed.

Her woolgathering took her on down the beach for at least a mile before she began taking note of her surroundings.  Wow, things had certainly changed.  There were new homes along the waterfront on land that had stood clear and free of encumberment for decades.  One was a towering monstrosity that boggled the mind.  To some, it might seem elegant, with all its stark angles and floodlights encompassing what appeared to be a vast emptiness but to Maggy it was just…boring.  There’s that word again! She sighed.

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