As she returned home her musings continued as she pictured the beautiful home on the edge of the bluff, sturdy strong, built to last. hint

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The other house, however, standing further along on a large piece of land, spoke to her.  It was homey somehow.  It was modern (it wasn’t a cabin per se and yet it had all the hallmarks) held that feel, the embodiment of warmth and welcome, of steadiness, of calmness, of sturdiness, as if it held time in its hands and time would remain standing tall forever.  She’d stood and stared far longer than she’d thought until she felt quite chilled and turned to leave.  What a fanciful idea!  Out of nowhere and it had her shaking her head in bewilderment.  As she walked away, she looked back across her shoulder, wondering who had built it.  Were they the welcoming sort, the kind you could count on in a moment of need?  The one you run to when you were in trouble and required help?

As she returned home her musings continued as she pictured the beautiful home on the edge of the bluff, sturdy strong, built to last.  Imagining a welcoming fire glowing in the fireplace, with a family gathered around for warmth drinking eggnog or hot cocoa since it was certainly a hot cocoa sort of day, a concept in its most infinitesimal form began gathering in the farthest recesses of her mind.

Even though chilled, Maggy wasn’t in a rush to get inside.  Instead, she dragged her feet until she reached the steps then looked back down the beach toward the beautiful home, barely visible, a whisper! She kicked off her shoes and entered.

Inside, the smell of hot cocoa wafted toward her and she smiled at the gently glowing fire.  “Ooooh, something smells delicious,” she called out.

“Just in time, honey.  Come join us.  We’re going to sit by the fireplace.  Probably one of the few times we’ll enjoy it for the rest of the year.  Soon it’ll be far too warm to contemplate.  Besides,” her mother wrapped an arm around her shoulders, “you’re here to enjoy it with.  What could be better?”

“Thanks, Mom.”  Maggy stood staring into her mother’s precious face and spoke quietly, “I love you, mom.”

Her words obviously startled her mother who looked at her daughter more carefully, “And I love you too dearest one.”  A question formed in her eyes and Maggy just smiled.  “It’s nothing, mom, I just needed to say it.”

Maggy poured the hot cocoa into three cups and grabbing two said, “Race ya!” as she scurried toward the most sought-after chair in the front room, the big old leather chair and comfy blanket that always lay across the back before setting a cup of cocoa on the end table.

“What’d I miss?”  her father asked, shifting his gaze between his favour two women rubbing his palms together.

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