The young man had disappeared without a trace as though he’d boarded a ship and disappeared out to sea.

Marta was concerned.  The young man had disappeared without a trace as though he’d boarded a ship and disappeared out to sea.  Odd she should use such an analogy since he was involved with boats, working as a maintenance man for a few of the locals.  His work was exceptional, he was friendly, amiable, well-liked and everyone was concerned when he didn’t show up for work two days in a row.  It wasn’t Timothy, they all agreed.

After visiting his apartment and finding nothing amiss there, she contacted friends, and no one had seen him recently.  The last text message was sent two days ago in which he’d promised he’d be there for dinner with his friends at the restaurant on the water, a local hang out where the food was excellent.  When he hadn’t shown, they’d wondered but figured he’d been delayed with work.  By nightfall, his friends were concerned and texted him and Daniel went one step further, dropping by his apartment but got no answer and he’d let it be thinking maybe he’d got lucky.  However, two days had passed and now they were concerned.

Marta contacted his family who lived halfway across the country asking when they’d last heard from Tim.  The father, George Marsh was calm at first when he said his son checked in once every two days, like clock-work.  Then he became concerned and said he’d fly out immediately, but Marta forestalled the idea for the moment.

Something didn’t sit right, and she decided to go back to his apartment and have another look.  Bob Greggs, her partner, was going to meet her there and they’d check the neighbours out once again to see if anyone remembered anything.

Marta entered the apartment while Bob canvassed door to door asking for information.  He was a neat man from the looks of things, everything was tidy in its place and there was no dust to speak of suggesting he’d cleaned recently.  The kitchen was pristine, the bathroom too.  His bedroom chair had clothes tossed across it as though he’d changed in a hurry.  His closet contained an array of colourful shirts and a couple of pair of dress pants hung off to the side.  His dresser drawers held neatly folded tee shirts and a jumble of socks and underwear. 

She delved into each drawer thinking she might find something interesting, and she did.  In the back of the middle drawer held a gun and a photo.  The photo contained a picture of him and from the likeness, family.  Odd it was tucked away when he obviously cared enough about his family to keep in touch regularly.

The next draw she checked held dog tags.  They weren’t his.  Interesting she thought.  A place to start perhaps?  Something didn’t sit right but she couldn’t put her finger on it.  Hmmm.  Turning she headed outside to where Bob was hoping he’d obtained more information than she had.

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