Patricia had always found it amusing that Mitchell came off as aloof, whether he meant to or not

Patricia had always found it amusing that Mitchell came off as aloof, whether he meant to or not and she doubted he was even aware of it.  He was one of the warmest kindest men she’d ever known.  He was in a word, a gentleman.  A throwback if you will to earlier times when men would and could be.

It wasn’t surprising that men weren’t sure how to behave when women brashly claimed they were equal and as good at men in everything.  Some women flaunted that thought and their abilities while others welcomed the thoughtfulness of a considerate gesture. 

When a man offered to open a door, he was more likely to be snapped at or sent “the look” which clearly stated, I can take care of myself, thanks!

Patricia didn’t have a problem with a woman standing up for herself, remaining resolute and firm confident in her abilities and accomplishments.  After all, that ceiling was there and unfortunately, it seemed that the whole world was erasing all the good productive positive changes they’d embraced regarding women and children’s rights.  Instead of pushing onward, they were being treated worse in many cases.

Therefore, Patricia found it heartwarming and showed her appreciation when a man demonstrated gentlemanly qualities, not that she was above doing the same; holding a door for someone male or female whose hands were full or was struggling.  She would stop and offer her assistance, thinking nothing of it.  It was consideration, respect, thoughtful and above all, the right thing to do.

Mitchell was much the same.  It came naturally to him to be considerate and respectful, thoughtful.  She didn’t know much about his upbringing, but it seemed inherent and if someone responded with annoyance, he simply smiled and went on about his business.  It was very sweet and endeared him to her all the more.

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