“Just the best seat in the house!” Maggy taunted.
“I’m sure your mother won’t mind a snuggle.” He settled down beside her and picked up the cocoa.

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“Just the best seat in the house!”  Maggy taunted.

“I’m sure your mother won’t mind a snuggle.”  He settled down beside her and picked up the cocoa.

“You know I don’t.”  Maggy’s mom leaned close and kissed him quickly on the lips.

Conversation flowed as they discussed family events while Maggy only half listened, her mind drifting.  It wasn’t until later, tucked into her beautiful big bed, comforter wrapped securely about her that she realized her mind had meandered back to that lovely house on the craggy cliff. 

Her head had no sooner hit the pillow than she was throwing the comforter aside, hopping out of bed and opening her laptop.  Inspiration had sprung!  Eureka!!! she whooped throwing both hands high in the air in upraised fists.  Before long pages were filled with images pertaining to ‘fictitious people’ living in that delightful home.  An imaginary man living alone in solitude…a widower…or perhaps a happy family…a retired couple…newlyweds!  The possibilities were indeed endless!  Pick one!  Her mind screamed.  Just pick one, barely able to hold back a yelp of delight. 

Before long she was tapping the keys a mile a minute as her imaginary man began taking shape, with a beautifully decorated home that screamed comfort.  When the ideas finally began running down and she checked her watch, she was stunned to find it was just after three am.  Oh god, she had to get some sleep, they were planning on attending the first of many festive events in town.  And for once, she was really looking forward to seeing well…everything!

The entire town and countryside for that matter gathered to enjoy the summer “festival” which promised roasted chestnuts and marshmallows, every kind of candy imaginable, hotdogs with every conceivable topping to the best burgers in the world.  There would be a variety of sausages, milk, eggs, butter, all locally grown on nearby ranches and farms.  Although nearly a bygone era, farming and ranching were thriving in Castlehaven.  

It was late by the time they were ready to leave, and they dressed warmly in preparation for the fifteen-minute bicycle ride into town.  As they cycled down the main street, she felt contentment and peace begin to blossom.  It hadn’t changed.  It hadn’t changed at all!  A huge ear to ear grin lit up her face.  That wasn’t strictly true, perhaps it had been updated a little, with a few new colours adorning some of the shops, but ostensibly it was nearly exactly as she’d remembered it.  A smile of pure delight spread across her face as she watched locals greet one another with glee.  She’d forgotten how homey and wonderful Castlehaven was. The contrast between the gentleness of Castlehaven and the rush of New York couldn’t have been more starkly highlighted.

7 thoughts on “Castlehaven By the Sea

      1. Your not wrong there Phylis, John and I are in isolation now for the next for how many months, I can only see my daughters and grandchildren on FaceTime 🙁

        1. All the stores, malls, theaters, closed here. No food in the super market to obtain. My grand daughter’s boyfriend got a call, he’s laid off indefinitely because his boss doesn’t want them entering someones house to do electrical. both my grand daughters got laid off. my daughter will probably be laid off. my son is the only one working and only if he works from home. which meant he had to go buy a desk and all the essentials to do so. at his own cost at that.

          1. We are in worrying times but I have no doubt that if we all work together we will beat this horrible virus and who knows it may make the world a better and more caring place. Keep safe ❤️

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