Christa wasn’t sure what she could salvage from the crime scene.

Christa wasn’t sure what she could salvage from the crime scene.  It had taken place on the circus ground and had been trampled on by everyone and their dog.  Still, hopefully, she’d find something to give the detectives some direction or a clue as to what had transpired.  The time of death was simple, within a two-hour window.  

She’d been bludgeoned with a cylindrical object and the perp had obligingly left it beside the young woman’s body which indicated either a crime of passion or opportunity. Christa hated the term ‘crime of passion’ as if that made a reasonable allowance for murder.  Either way, Crista wrapped it up hoping to find fingerprints or DNA to indicate who committed the heinous crime.

The young lovely blond’s clothing suggested she didn’t work in the circus.  Although she’d dressed with care, which indicated she was meeting someone – a clandestine affair and something had gone wrong? she wondered thoughtfully.  Could it have been a jealous boyfriend, lover, or someone’s significant other, witnessing the meet.  Time would tell.

There were interesting tidbits of unknown origin on the woman’s clothing and skin.  Gathering some up and placing it in a bag and sealing it, she smiled.  Good some clear solid evidence.  Christa hunkered down and pulled more fibres from the shoes and clothing and others from the surrounding area. 

Interestingly there seemed to be a trail of blood.  Perhaps she’d managed to fight off her attacker and the blood was theirs.  When she was certain she’d obtained as much information from the crime scene as possible, she let them take the body to the morgue where she would continue her investigation.  You can run, but you can’t hide!  I’ll find you! She spoke the words aloud but nearly silently as they were more a thought process than anything else.  Determination, defiance against cruelty…a promise! For the victim and to the perp!

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