As she nibbled on her Danish Maggy noted, “I’m really glad Alma hasn’t changed the bakery. I grew up here, it was my second home.

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They hurried toward Alma’s bakery and she said, “Sorry, please continue.”

“I found I have an ability and passion for diving, so I opened my own little diving shop and the rest is history.”

“No kidding!”  Maggy stopped and stared him in the eye.

“Snorkel, I snorkel! Never once thought about diving.  That’s a whole different world.”

They grabbed a danish and sat at the quaint little Bar.  Alma popped out of the kitchen, “Well as I live and breathe!  Maggy!  Come here!”  Maggy stood and before she could move was wrapped in a huge Alma bear hug.

“Hi, Alma.”

“Good to see you girl!  Too long,” she shook her finger at her, “it’s been too long.  What brings you back?”

“Oh, this and that.”

“Well, whatever, it’s good your home!”

As she walked back toward the kitchen she hollered, “On the house!”  When Maggy would have protested she added, “Don’t make me come over there!”

Maggy raised her hands in the air, “Got it, no problem and thank you, Alma!”

She poked her head out of the kitchen and said, “You take care of her Trent, or you’ll have me to deal with!”

Trent smiled, “Don’t I know it!”

As she nibbled on her Danish Maggy noted, “I’m really glad Alma hasn’t changed the bakery.  I grew up here, it was my second home.  We had such fun together.  She tried desperately to teach me to bake.  I think I managed brownies, that was about it.  She banned me from anything else.”  She laughed at the memory.  “She stopped short of calling me hopeless.”

“Duly noted and warned!”  He laughed heartily.

Once they’d finished their food, they placed the dishes on the cart and called goodbye to Alma.  Outside they walked toward the middle of the main street.  Store owners had brought some of their items out onto the sidewalk and sat alongside enjoying the fresh air.  She was surprised at how many original store owners were still around and even more at the number of people that remembered her.

Trent carried on a lively debate with several and they seemed to look on him with affection and had adopted him as one of their own.  It amused her.  This wasn’t like the big city where people rarely made eye contact and avoided touching anyone even accidentally.  It felt foreign after all the years in New York, but it also felt right.

She enjoyed the afternoon, reacquainting herself with her home town and the people in it.  She wondered why she’d put it off so long and why she’d ever thought it was a boring place to grow up.  It was idyllic.

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Now the old diner was hers if she wanted it. Although it had maintained its character and must of the interior was in good condition, there were bits and pieces that required an overhaul.

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