“Paul, that has no bearing on the case what-so-ever.

Janice stood her ground.  “Paul, that has no bearing on the case what-so-ever.  That’s simply mud-slinging.  It’s what low-life’s resort to in order to win a case. That is not us and not what we’re about.”

“Janice, we are going to lose this case.”

“No, Paul, we aren’t.  Justice will prevail.  The perp is guilty, and we have all the proof required. We’ve done our due diligence, dotted the I’s and crossing our t’s.  We have more than circumstantial evidence on our side.  We have the smoking gun as it were, DNA, blood spatter belonging to the perp, a footprint from a very specific style of running shoe that is not only expensive but one of only 10 pair sold in the state and we tracked the sale directly back to him. All the evidence speaks to his being at the location of the crime scene.”

“They’re going to suggest he showed up afterward and that’s how the evidence got there.”

“If he were there after the fact, why not call 911, why not attempt to assist the victim, why leave without speaking to anyone and more importantly what about his blood being there? What, did he conveniently cut himself and drop some of his blood, what about the perp having his DNA under her nails?”

“I understand it was a rocky relationship but she had a restraining order against him, Paul.  He breached that restraining order several times and the cops were called again and again because he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He’s hot-headed, he’s a bully, he is self-centred and he was determined to have his way.  Only this time, he got carried again.”

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