“Yeh, it was. I’ll be back in time for dinner. See you then.” He saluted as he turned to walk away.

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Trent offered to take her home and lifted her bike into the back of his gorgeous old red truck which she estimated had to be from the ’50s and which he or someone else had lovingly restored to its original beauty.

“Thanks, that was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.”  Maggy smiled her appreciation.

“Yeh, it was.  I’ll be back in time for dinner.  See you then.”  He saluted as he turned to walk away.

When she entered the house her mom called you, “That you honey?”

“Yep, it’s me, mom.  Trent will be by later to join us.  Had some errands to run.”

“Great.  You enjoy your afternoon?”

“More than I expected to.”

“I’ll be down in a minute. Just folding laundry.”

“Anything you want me to prepare for dinner?”

“No dear, it’s fine, I have it under control.”

“Ok, I’ll be out on the veranda then.”

As Maggy sat cuddled on the swing, a blanket wrapped around her legs, the first seeds of a new novel came to mind.  A mysterious man, handsome, intriguing, well known, living alone in a beautiful house overlooking the ocean began taking shape.  Taking out the notepad she habitually carried in her hip pocket, she began creating her fictitious character, ready to mould into someone special.

She had a good start when she heard her mother calling her.  “Coming,” she responded, placing her notepad away for later. 

“You just have time to freshen up, honey, dinner’s literally five minutes away.”

Maggy hustled to the bathroom, splashed cold water on her face, added a dab of lipstick, gave her hair a quick brush and was entering the kitchen when Trent rang the bell.  “I’ll get it,” she offered.

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