The office was swamped!

The office was swamped!  People were calling in every possible sighting which was expected warranted and helpful because it’s what they needed to catch the perp.  However, as usual, there were the nuisance calls that frustrated the cops and had them chasing their tails and wasting valuable time.

Then came a phone call that grabbed their attention.  A bus driver had in relaxed mode, taken pictures of his passengers telling them it was his last day and he’d be delighted if they’d allow him to take a picture of the last passengers he’d have the privilege of driving.  They’d all agreed.

He’d noticed the green and blue backpack and red sneakers the cops had alerted the public to, on a little missing bout aged seven and the man that had abducted him was wearing a black hoodie and red hair.

He relaxed into his seat and began his regular tour.  He quietly texted dispatch that he was sure the kidnapped boy was on his bus and asked what he should do.

Dispatch immediately contacted the police and when he transmitted the picture, they told him to continue on with his regular run to the end. 

He was anxious the man would take the boy off the bus, but he seemed comfortable where he was and the boy continued looking down both nervous and afraid.

The police had arranged to meet him at his regularly scheduled last stop and upon ending at his last stop, he would stop at the far end of the bus’s parking lot.  Several plain-clothed policemen would be waiting. 

The driver ushered the man and boy off the bus, thanking them for their patronage.  The little boy was first off, with the man holding onto his shoulder.  A policeman walked up and in front of them, grabbing the little boy by both shoulders and pulling him tight to his body and rolling away while two other policemen approached the man from both sides guns drawn.  He was startled and began shaking but did as instructed and laid on the ground.

The cop holding the little boy stood and lifted the little boy to his feet, wrapped an arm around his shoulder and escorted him to the cop car where his parents awaited him.  His mother had grateful tears pouring down her cheeks and the father wiped tears off his face too.  They reached out to the boy and hugged him in a three-way hug.  The boy looked up at his father and said, “Papa, I was afraid.”

“Your safe now, my son!”

Both parents walked up to the bus driver who was still standing on the bottom step of his bus, witnessing the entire event. “Thank you for being so alert and ready to take immediate action. You saved his life!”

“My pleasure, my honour,” he said.

Yes indeed, it was the most interesting if unnerving last run. He’d remember it forever! What a story to share with his grandkids he thought.

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