“What are you, a boy scout?” she quizzed with a smile of appreciation.Wondered who was ahead of me. Saw your tracks earlier.”

(Sheryl’s Daily Prompt)

Mia was adrift amid a sea of emotions.  She loved nature with all it’s beauty whether it be a desert plain or the rocky mountains.  Having travelled extensively, she thought she’d seen it all.  That was until she reached a beautiful little hamlet set in the back and beyond of Castlehaven By the Sea.

She’d booked into a B & B and after settling in, grabbed her camera and gear and headed out for a day’s hike recommended by the owners of Seaside B & B.  They weren’t wrong.  The hills rolled into staggering mountains with rivers and streams and a lush freshness that was so exquisite it brought a tear of joy to her eye.  It was beyond measure, unspoiled, serene, the scents of wildflowers filled the air with their exquisite unique bouquet. 

Mia never went anywhere without her camera, her Nikon D7500, which never let her down.  She was glad obviously she was paid well to photograph nature in all its glory, but it was such a joy such a delight that it seemed almost criminal when the scenery was so exquisite all she had to do was point and click to obtain memorable photos. 

Mia constantly set her watch to remind her when it was time to move on because she often got lost in the pleasure of her surroundings and was forced on more than on occasion to camp out overnight because it had become too dark to navigate.  Hence, she always carried a few rations with her.

She kept an eye on the time and was heading home when she came upon another lone traveller.  Unsure whether to approach she called out, “Hey!”  The man turned and smiled.

“Wondered who was ahead of me.  Saw your tracks earlier.”

“What are you, a boy scout?”  she quizzed with a smile of appreciation.

“You could say that.”

“What brings you out to this remote location?” he asked curiously.

“Can’t resist a good picture.”

“Yes, I see.”  He stared at her camera bag.  “Professional or amateur?”

“I’d like to think professional.”

“Jake Masterson.”  He stood and offered a hand.

“Mia Embers.”

“You headed back to our little town, Mia Embers?”

“Yes, I thought it was about time.”

“Then we can head back together if your game.”

“Sure, why not, the company would be a change.”

“So you hike alone mostly?”


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