He took his time to explain the symmetry and the angles and how they worked together and why.

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He took his time to explain the symmetry and the angles and how they worked together and why.

Maggy was fascinated and said, “I love architecture, I could spend hours wandering around enjoying it.  Sometimes the older buildings are so unique so special and then there are a few more modern buildings I find just as wonderful.”

“Architecture is an art form when you think about it. It speaks, it motivates, it highlights and captivates.”

“That’s how I see it too,” Maggy admitted.

“So what do you do, Maggy?”

“I write novels.”


“Yes, really.”

“She’s good at it too.”  Her mother’s proud smile said it all.

“Honey, I’m getting cold, mind if we head back?”

“Sure thing, love; we’ll leave you two to discover on your own.”

“See you in a bit, dad.”

Trent and Maggy wandered along the shore for another fifteen minutes before turning to head back toward the house and Trent noted,  “Your parents are pretty special.  You see the love they have for one another, the respect, consideration.  I imagine they were pretty great as parents too.  They love you very much.”

“They are very special people.  They were firm but fair and always generous.  And yes, the love they have for one another is truly special.”

“So what type of novels do you write?

“Murder/mystery/romance, a combination of…”

“Oh, intriguing.  Where do you get your ideas from?”

“I hear or read something and expand on it, create a what-if scenario.”

“I read a lot,” Trent admitted.

Turning to look at him, Maggy said, “You do!”

“Yep.  Architecture, architecture and architecture.”

“Wow, that’s quite a variety there, Trent,” she nudged his elbow with hers.  “Ever thought of expanding the genre?”

“Never enough time.”

“I get that.  I’d love to read other authors, and I do have a few favourites, but I can’t risk it.  I don’t want to be influenced by someone else’s writing.”

“Sometimes I have ideas upon ideas and it becomes really difficult, narrowing my ideas to one lane…I want to write everything all the time.”

“Has it ever become an obsession?”

“Not really.  I don’t know.  It flows, the ideas just seem to blossom and I can’t seem to type fast enough to get them all down on paper.”

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      1. I like to try and guess where your stories will go, I find it harder when they are detective stories because my mind doesn’t work that way 😬😊

        1. I really appreciate it, you give me such encouragement by interacting…knowing that someone is reading and taking an interest, it matters, Elaine, thank you.

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