“Brrr. It’s getting cold, race ya!” Maggy raced off in the lead and Trent was only too happy to fall behind, enjoying the view.

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“That could be frustrating.”

“Yeah, it is.  More when the idea stalls…starts off great but goes nowhere…I’ve found it valuable to let the characters do the talking.  I’m the conduit, I just listen.”

“That’s an interesting thought.”

“Brrr. It’s getting cold, race ya!”  Maggy raced off in the lead and Trent was only too happy to fall behind, enjoying the view.  She was taller than the women he’d always gone out with, at a guess he’d say around 5’8 and he found that appealing along with those lovely long legs and rich browny-bronze hair and massive eyes that seemed oversized for her face.  Not to mention the delightful sense of humour and twinkle in her eyes.”

“Come on slowpoke, I’m gonna win by a landslide!”

“I wouldn’t think so, he yelled ahead, I’m only warming up.”  The race was truly on and his long athletic racing legs sped into action and he pulled alongside then ahead in a few strides. “What I say?”

To be honest, it was maddening, he wasn’t in the slightest bit winded.  She ran daily and was beginning to feel it.  Damn!  Needless to say he won the race, with a big push at the end.  He turned to face her and watched the exuberant concentration.  She nearly fell, tripping over the last few feet and he reached out to grab her and brace her against his chest.  “Glad I won!”  he smirked.

“I’ll get you next time!” she promised as she pushed gently away.

“Want to come in for a nightcap?”


He was enjoying their interlude. She was bright, funny, and adorable. And although he hadn’t been bothered for some time, he was definitely intrigued by her.

Of course, he knew a great deal about her through her parents who had lovingly shared enough about their daughter that he had a picture of her before he met her. She was an accomplished writer. He’d taken the time to look her up and although he hadn’t read her books, they were well written (at least that’s what he surmised from the bits and pieces he’d read). He couldn’t help but wonder how much of the humour was conjured up and how much was her and he was eager to find out.

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