He handed her a cup of hot chocolate, “Thought you might enjoy this.”
“How did you know hot chocolate was my weakness?”

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Several days passed before Maggy met up with Trent again.  He’d called and invited her to walk through the glasshouse as he was about to hand over the keys to the owner and he thought she might be interested in having a gander.  Maggy agreed enthusiastically and walked the beach to meet him.

He handed her a cup of hot chocolate, “Thought you might enjoy this.”

“How did you know hot chocolate was my weakness?”

“Educated guess!” he smirked.

As they entered, they were met by a massive expanse of glass that soared twenty plus feet in the air.  The lines, the architecture was not only impressive but exquisitely beautiful.  Now that she was on the inside, the harsh angles were softened not only by the exquisite lighting, but the way they came together turned them into an exquisite piece of art.  She wanted to simply stand and stare.  The glass reflected the light in such a way as to reflect the outdoor and it was astounding that it brought the outside in, bother seemingly literally and figuratively.  “Oh my god, this is exquisite!”  The awe in her voice was obvious.

“This way to the main room and the gathering room and media center.”  She followed Trent with a sigh as her gaze whipped from one beautiful window and angle to another.  Each room held something unique and special but it all pulled together into an incredible vista.  No other word for it. 

They continued the tour up a flank of glass and cedar stairs.  Each room enjoyed a unique and different view of the ocean, except for the bathroom.  It was surrounded by greenery and trees and offered a beautiful backdrop that drew the eye.

“This is truly a work of art.  I wouldn’t have thought so from the outside, because honestly, my first thought was ‘angles and glass’ and I was completely captivated by the house out on the point.  I must say, seeing is believing!”

Trent and watched the expressions flit across her face as she’d moved from room to room.  Her delight was enough.  It mirrored what he’d hoped for, what he’d planned for, what he’d desired to create when building this home. It was a pleasure to share with her.  She got it.

They were locking up, ready to leave when a man appeared.  It was Larry, the owner’s son.  Trent was caught off guard by Maggy’s response when she suddenly and without explanation wrapped herself around him.  “Trent I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to show me your work.”  She wrapped her arm around his waist and turned into him, “The owners are sure to love it.”

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As they turned to walk away, she clasped his hand like it was a lifeline and he squeezed lightly back before turning and gently looking into her eyes.

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