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Castlehaven By the Sea

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As they turned to walk away, she clasped his hand like it was a lifeline and he squeezed lightly back before turning and gently looking into her eyes. Loud enough so he could be heard, he promised, “I look forward to sharing more with you.”  He dropped a kiss on the top of her head.  She melted into him and he suddenly felt protective of her.  Knowing so much about her, he knew she was a strong woman and her head was on straight.  He’d even picked up one of her novels and read it, curious about the woman so loved by her parents.  Doting though they may be, they were right on every level.  She was a remarkable woman and she loved deeply.  She was a romantic and her books depicted strong women in control of their lives and able to love openly, completely, devotedly.  The men in her novels were equally compassionate, giving, caring, involved and knew themselves well.  So it caught him somewhat off guard that her hand trembled in his. 

The young man wore a look of disdain upon his face when as he peered at Trent, but it was (for an instant) replaced with an unveiled yearning, desire, adoration when he looked at Maggy before he clamped down on his expression and it became bland in comparison.

“Your father arriving soon?”

“He’s right behind me.  He’s looking forward to moving in.  You’ve done a bang up job, Trent.  He’s very pleased.”

“Good to know.  I have another appointment so shall I leave the keys with you?”

“Certainly.”  He stepped toward Trent and held his hand out.  Trent dropped the keys into his open palm. 

“It’s been a pleasure, dealing with and drawing up the plans for this home.  I’m hoping he’ll be very happy here.”

“I’m sure he will.”

“Maggy, lovely to see you.  I didn’t realize you were back home.”

“Only for a time and then I’m off again.  I wanted to touch base with my family, it’s been far too long.”

“Yes, well, we should go.  I don’t want to keep my clients waiting.” Trent wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked away. The young man nodded as he passed them heading toward the front door.

When they were safely away and out of earshot, Trent pulled her closer, wrapping his arm around her more tightly then asked,  “Mind explaining what that was all about?”

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