As he looked back toward the two houses on the bluff, a glint of light caught something and flashed. He realized someone was watching them with binoculars.

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Trent was delighted by her insight since it was what he’d envisioned when he’d created this house.  He’d used local artisans to obtain the logs which had come from the site itself for the most part.  A mixture of oak and cedar blended into a gentle soothing pattern that covered every wall but the kitchen where he’d used elegant tile for ease of cleaning along with modern appliances to make life easier. Subdued lighting created an ambiance throughout as a nod to convenience.  

The depth of care thought and creativity when designing the house would last a lifetime and beyond. Windows lined an entire wall facing the ocean offering a magnificent vista while another captured the glory of the setting sun. Once the early morning sun made its way above the massive trees lining the far edge of the property, it would rest on an English garden that sported a massive greenhouse attached along most of the wall ensuring the home was in touch with nature and the pleasures of homegrown produce, a gardener’s paradise.

He might be a modern man in every sense of the word, but he also enjoyed beauty and the enticement of a simpler life also appealed.  Local artwork graced the walls with style and elegance not only because of their individual beauty, but to give back to the community that had lovingly taken him in and accepted them as one of their own.  Having grown up in foster homes, the value of belonging, of surrounding himself with people that cared and offered friendship and affection held great appeal.

Maggy turned and smiled at Trent and quietly with gentle conviction stated, “This is your home!”  When he smiled, she said, “It’s created with love, carries great depth and the care and attention to detail is remarkable and could only have been produced by someone to whom it mattered.”

That he’d created what he’d envisioned and that it was understood, touched him deeply.  “Yes, it’s mine.  I’ve been working on it for four years.  The community accepted me in as one of their own and I decided this was where I wanted to live and as I had the means to create the home of my dreams in a place of such beauty, I made it my goal.”

“I could literally sit here forever and never move.  It’s exquisite in every way.  I can’t imagine any other home standing on this spot.  I’m truly happy for you, Trent.  Not many can say they have the exact home they’ve always hoped for, much less with the spectacular views you’ve incorporated. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

Standing, she said, “I should get home.  Your welcome to join us for dinner.  There’s always plenty of food.”

Trent accepted with delight and as they locked up and wandered down the private driveway then down to the beach toward her home, he felt eyes on them.  As they walked it became even more apparent.  As he looked back toward the two houses on the bluff, a glint of light caught something and flashed.  He realized someone was watching them with binoculars.  As a result, he leaned into Maggy wrapped an arm around her and said, “Play along.”

When she turned toward him, he pulled her close, stopped and placed a tentative kiss upon her upturned lips and as a shock of excitement ran through him, he pulled her closer and kissed her with interest and a teasing pleasure that immediately had them wrapped tightly around each other as his blood tingled.

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He gently and playfully punched her arm, “Hey, I’ll have you know I was in the choir when I was a kid.”

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