short story

Castlehaven By the Sea

Page 17

When she pulled away, Maggy said, “Although that was a delicious interlude, what was it in aid of?”

“Our looky-loo.”

Realization dawned.  “He’s watching us?”

“Just over my left shoulder, flashes of light indicating he probably has binoculars.”

She shivered.  “Not happy!”

“No, I imagine not.  Seems you were more than right in your observations.  We’ll have to keep watch and I think you need to tell your parents so they are prepared.  Nothing says he’ll only strike at me.”

“Your right, I never thought of that.  He’s never destroyed anything belonging to them and he’s always been insanely polite.  They need to know, especially since he’s returned to old habits.”

“My concern is he never stopped.  If he was the one keeping tabs on you in New York, then he simply moved around.  I have some friends on the force.  I’m going to have them look into it for me, see what they come up with.  That way, there’s someone else in the know as well as possible assistance should we need it.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.  You’ll find I have great connections in low places!” he smiled as he hummed the last part which had her smiling in return before replying, “don’t quit your day job!”

He gently and playfully punched her arm, “Hey, I’ll have you know I was in the choir when I was a kid.”

“You left your singing ability there?”

He grabbed her and twirled her around in a complete circle.  “Oh, you’ll pay for that one!”

The second he set her on her feet, she was off and running full-tilt boogie and he gave immediate chase.

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