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After dinner, they settled in for a game of Canasta and Maggy enjoyed watching Trent’s interaction with her family.  She’d herd via her parents that Trent was well known, in demand and had received dozens of awards for his work.  His beautiful home suggested he was an artist and designer as much as an architect and Maggy decided there were hidden depths to his character and that intrigued her. 

Although she’d spent considerable time in New York around other authors, at book signings, cocktail parties and the like, she hadn’t met anyone half as interesting.  Not that the New York scene and glitter held that much value or appeal, it was part of the game. She wasn’t sure whether it was the reprieve from New York, the fact that she was older and more appreciative of her roots, or actually seeing the reality of her home for the first time, as an adult at least, but whatever it was, she was grateful.

After dinner, they walked along the beach and built a fire in one of the firepits conveniently located at intervals along the beach.  It wasn’t long before others joined them, and someone provided music that had others joining them and dancing around the fire.  Conversation was light hearted and happy.  It was delightful.  Trent grabbed her, twirled her and they began dancing. Not only could he dance the classics with ease, but he was a great dancer in general. His moves were fluid light and easy. As they danced by her parents (wrapped tightly in each other’s arms) she noted the smiles and giggles as though they were school kids. It touched her heart and filled her with yearning.  They were good together, they always had been.  There was such an appreciation for each other, depth of respect, consideration, and yes, they liked each other.  Their relationship was something to aspire to.  They’d obviously nurtured and cared for both it and each other and the dividends were huge. 

Trent followed her gaze and smiled.  “They’re good together.  A fine example of relationships and what they can be, aren’t they?”

Maggy smiled then sighed, “Yes, yes they are.”

“I’ve seen one or two couples over the years demonstrate the kind of commitment I see in your parents, but growing up in foster homes, you saw the struggle and often it was putting up with not caring for.”

Maggy looked up into his face, “How many foster homes were you in?”

“Four in total.  The last one was probably the best of the lot.  They gave me hope.  But your parents, they inspire me.”

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He knew without a doubt, Maggy had a problem! He was concerned the situation would get worse before it got better.

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