short story

Castlehaven By the Sea

Page 25

It was still cool enough to enjoy the fireplace so Trent started a fire and then grabbed some snacks which he placed on a tablecloth of sorts in front of the hearth.  He popped a cork on some quality wine and poured.  “Hope you like white, I never thought to ask.”

“I do.”  Maggy swirled the wine in the glass, took a sniff then a sip.  “Interesting flavour.”

“I bought a few bottles from Martha’s Vineyard one year.  I haven’t actually tasted it yet.”

Once their snacks were finished, the lay on their sides facing one another and chatted about life in general, hope, dreams, possibilities.  It was a relaxing enjoyable atmosphere.  They moved outside to the deck and sat in the newly acquired deck chairs made by a local artisan and stared up at the stars.

“So beautiful.  Bright, yet whimsical.  I always imagine the stars chatting with one another about what’s going on down here.”

“That’s a fanciful thought, Maggy.”

She laughed, “I used to do that as a child, and it just carried over I guess.  I like to think they’re looking out for us.  Cassiopeia in particular always caught my attention.”

They sat and star gazed until it became a little too chilly then moved inside again and as they did, Trent took hold of her arms and slid his hands down to hers and held them gently while reading her facial expression.  He moved closer as he pulled her toward him and gently kissed her lips.  At her response, he became more amorous and before long their encounter became heated.  He eventually moved her up the stairs to a bedroom and they fell onto the bed still wrapped in each other’s arms. 

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