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Frank was desperate.  They needed to catch a break on the case.  He hated to think let alone admit it, but it was a nearly perfect crime scene.

The entire placed had been forensically washed down…meaning there wasn’t a single piece of DNA or blood anywhere.  The young man looked as though he were sound asleep in bed and at first glance, there was nothing to indicate he had perished.  The door was locked when they’d arrived, there were no broken or open windows to indicate how the perp had gained entrance.  In all the years he’d been on the force, he’d never witnessed anything like it.  It was damn freaky. 

Either someone had watched and taken note of a lot of television shows pertaining to crimes and how criminals had escaped justice, or the perp was one of them (either a cop or in forensics, or on the force) since they knew the ropes and had used that information to their advantage.

His one remaining hope in that department was that the body had tales to tell, some tiny bit of information that would lead them to whoever was responsible for the carnage – a young man’s life taken at such a young age.

Maybe his friends or family could suggest a direction, someone that had a beef with him, perhaps a jealous lover or co-worker.  Someone had gone to a great deal of effort to not only disguise their part in this but had delayed the possibility of finding him to eat up time so they could get away and to make the cops job that much more difficult.  Hard to believe that someone hated this young man that much.

Harold Forbes, aged 23, young, fit (he’d obviously worked out) had resided in this rental for 10 months and according to the landlord who’d opened the door, had never missed a payment until two days ago, and that’s why he’d called the cops.  He’d been nervous about gaining entry when he’d noticed the young man’s car in the drive, and when he’d hadn’t answered either the doorbell or his furious pounding on either door on the numerous occasions he’d dropped by, he’d become concerned.  It was after looking through the bedroom window and seeing him in bed that he’d decided to call the cops.  And now they all knew the reason the young man hadn’t responded.  Frank sighed.  It was only the beginning of what was sure to become a very involved case.

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  1. Great read Phyllis. This is courtesy of the editing police who spot all sorts of crime
    “Hard to believe that someone hated his young man that much.”

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