“I have no doubt! Your abilities stand you in good stead and guarantee results.”

Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Geraldine was curious.  Yes, curiosity killed the cat, but it also brought him back.  She had always been a Nancy Drew fan and ok, the Hardy Boys too.  She’d read every book when she was a kid and cherished every moment.

Now it was her job to be curious, to attain accurate information, to gather and document the crime scene and it suited her just fine.  She was constantly ribbed about it since she was just barely five feet and her fragile appearance either brought out the protective nature of some or the derision of others.  They either wanted to assist her or they made fun of the fact that on occasion she really did require assistance. 

Either way, she loved her job and they all knew she was damn good at it and there wouldn’t be a stone left unturned when she’d finished.  They’d have all they needed to find the perpetrator of the crime and that was her job and one she did with dedication and skill.

She would crawl through the muck and the mud and worked doggedly for the slightest bit of evidence that could be used in a court of law.  There were many who thought they’d outwitted the police…but very few managed to get away with their crime. Their guilt or innocence was loudly proclaimed by forensics which told the tale.  They might have the first laugh, but they didn’t laugh long.

It was the end of a very long and arduous case and she was dragging her ass because she’d been working since the call out at 7 am and it was now 11:00 and the scene had been a total mess.  She’d utilized every ounce of skill and ability in order keep going but she had and what’s more she’d found damning evidence that would put this perp behind bars for the rest of his unnatural life.

Derrick wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders.  “Great job kid!”

“Thanks.  Let’s hope it’s enough.”

“I have no doubt!  Your abilities stand you in good stead and guarantee results.”

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