short story

Castlehaven By the Sea

Page 26

Neither was aware that a telescope had been trained on his house since they’d arrived.  The peeping tom had been swiveling it from window to window in the hopes he’d catch a glimpse of them but once they’d gone inside, he’d had to give up on his quest.

Damn it!  Why had she taken up with that freak Trent?  He’d bided his time long enough, he’d been patient, he’d waited through the others, watched the heartache and although he’d not been there to pick up the pieces, he’d made his presence known in every way possible by hand-delivering presents he knew she’d treasure.  He’d even collaborated with her unwitting parents to present her with gifts and he’d been close by in New York to watch over her, to make sure she came to no harm.  And now, when it was time, when she was unencumbered by any romantic interludes, he’d been ready to make his move.  Then Trent happened. 

There was no doubt in his mind he had to get rid of the competition and he would by any means necessary.  He’d started slow with a warning, the fire, which hadn’t done much damage certainly not as much as he’d hoped for, but he knew how to play the game and he’d play it well…he played to win…and win he would! 

She’d soon see that he was worth the wait, and he’d pull any and every string he could to undermine Trent’s ability and call his integrity into question.  The plan was already in place and all that was left was timing…it had to be played precisely with the most effect…and he was just the man to pull it off.

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