Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Clark and his men had their work cut out for them.  They were scouring the town looking for clues that might identity of the perpetrator and he wasn’t making it easy on them.  The slime wasn’t content with leaving messages at the crime scene; he’d branched out and had started leaving cryptic messages taunts and memos all over town in any mail box available to him, involving the town’s citizens who were now up in arms.

It was annoying and frustrating that they now had to take time to follow up on each location lest there were any fingerprints or DNA left behind not to mention investigating those individuals whose mail boxes he’d used in case they were somehow involved. He didn’t for a second believe the perp was sloppy enough to lead them to his doorstep, but neither could he leave any stone unturned.  Since he’d branched out, there could also possibly be a clue in the people he was involving…a connection between them that might lead somewhere.

As Clark stood staring out of his office window, he wondered about the guy’s master plan.  He had to have one, this wasn’t a random act by any stretch of the imagination.  Either he had a hate on for the town or he was targeting someone individually whether that be himself or the force…or it was all a ruse to throw them off track entirely.  As for Clark, his only concern was catching the perp before the situation escalated even further. 

Fortunately, they’d managed to keep a lid on the situation, concerned about a nervous citizenry panicking but now they were aware there was a problem and they were clamoring for answers as well they might.  And as was expected, he found himself in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.  Either they weren’t acting quickly enough, and their efforts berated, or they were stepping on toes. Some were impeding the investigation (through no fault of their own, they were jumpy) by calling in whenever they noticed an unknown person in their neighbourhood or someone “lurking” in their area.

As Police Chief, it was his duty to connect with the citizens of the town, and he’d held a brief daily press conference keeping them informed and hopefully calm frayed nerves. 

The clues he left were vague, hinting at what might happen next but didn’t supply enough information to capture the culprit beforehand or in the act of committing the crime.

To make matters worse, they’d encountered several copycats…teens mostly, thinking the entire situation was funny and had taken up valuable time, by adding memos and notes as well which resulted in moe delay misdirection and lost time that could have been spent on the real case.

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